Roadwarden is an illustrated text-based RPG in which you explore and change a hostile, grim realm.

Roadwarden prologue


Roadwarden ruined village
  • Explore and change the world. Travel through a detailed fantasy setting filled with secrets, challenges and uniquely harsh lore.
  • Have immersive conversations. To gain support of dozens of NPCs, you need to earn their trust during complex dialogues and sidequests.
  • Create your own character through role-playing and decisions. Shape your background, abilities, beliefs and personality.
  • Unveil the local mysteries. Investigate, use your wit and make connections to understand the true nature of this realm.
  • Overcome your weaknesses. The wilderness is full of dangers and you can trust nobody. Find your path to success against all odds.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can’t figure out this game’s genre.

A: Me neither. ; ) It has a lot of conversations and items to use, like an adventure game, and focuses strongly on the player’s character and decisions, so it’s like an RPG. An RPG with sparse combat, if this makes any sense. However, it also involves a lot of reading, so it’s like a Visual Novel as well. And it has some gamebook-like branching scenes, and invites the player to solve some puzzles by writing, so it has a pinch of an old school text adventure game...

Feel free to send me some ideas on how to call this RPG/Visual Novel/text adventure hybrid. For now, you can say it’s an interactive fiction that tries to do some crazy stuff.

Q: How much combat can I expect from the game?

A: There’s a couple of events that involve combat, and they are based on decision making and preparing your character for the encounter. However, violence is just one of many activities that take place in the larger story, not the most prevalent one, nor the most important one.

Q: Some things that I saw so far could look or be written better.

A: Please send me your feedback! The game is still in an early stage of development. I’m going to experiment, explore some new mechanics, remove some scenes that won’t turn out as great as I want them to be... I’m more than happy to see your criticism!

Q: Is this set in the same fantasy setting as Tales From Windy Meadow or The Tavern?

A: It sure is! Though Roadwarden isn’t completely faithful to the previous games. The Viaticum setting was refreshed in many ways, but the general spirit of constant threat presented by nature is still very much in here.

Q: How long is this game?

A: About 30+ hours, but it strongly depends on how fast you can read and in how many quests you are going to involve your character. Just remember that traveling in Roadwarden is very fast, so you won’t pointlessly walk around to fetch items or farm animal claws. There is no grind, and the events play out quickly.

Q: Are you going to support languages other than English?

A: Currently there are no such plans.

Q: What about platforms other than Windows / Linux / Mac?

A: If the game turns out to be a success, I’ll be happy to work on some mobile ports.

Q: When can I expect the release?

A: I aim at the first half of 2022.

Q: How about a pixel font instead of the one I saw in the screenshots?

A: You can actually use the game’s settings to switch to a pixel font whenever you want! But I’d guess that after thirty minutes or a couple of hours you may agree with me that pixel fonts are not really that comfortable to read. Nevertheless, if you think it’s more pleasant to you, it’s available.

Q: Is there any devlog I can follow?

A:This page is going to contain all the largest updates.

Q: What software do you use to draw?

A: I use Pyxel Edit.

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