The Tavernis no longer available.

We left this page for the archival purposes.

Interactive as an RPG
Complex as a visual novel

The Tavernusesa new approach to role-playing.

You play asmercenary named Nalia - a single motherwho tries to earn enough coins to survive the winter.

Your children need you to come back, but how are you going to act seeing thecruelty and rottenness of the outside world?

After all, themonsters, dark magic and barbariansfrom Southern Tribes are nothing in comparison with the human iniquity.

Your story begins when you approacha weird, isolated tavern…

Warning! This game contains strong language, sexual themes and violence.

The Tavern RPG screenshot

This story needs YOU to be told!

Your decisions are going to shape the plot of the game. A satifying playthrough will take you two hours, but you can spend another dozen looking for various endings, secrets, story branches and Easter eggs!


Your actions are going to shape the world around you and change people’s lives. You are not just a spectator, you are the hero. This is your story.

Complex Relationships

One of the core parts of the gameplay are complex, immersive dialogues with plenty of choices. You need to use your wit to predict what’s the best attitude you can show, who are you going to believe and when are you going to lie to get closer to your goals.


No fetching quests, nor grinding or counterintuitive puzzle solving. Instead, look for the clues and try to understand the mystery of the tavern and motivations of the characters around you. Who can you trust, who may turn out to be your enemy?

Narrative Mechanics

Battles, hit points, equipment and other mechanics are strongly connected with the game’s narration. There are no “gameplay parts” and “story parts” of the game. Our story is our gameplay.

Immersive Setting

The game’s world is filled with unique details and based on Wiatyk (Viaticum), a tabletop RPG published in Poland. Dark fantasy tones perfectly fit the grim, mature plot of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you going to support languages other than English?

A: We don’t hate this idea and we received some localization offers, but we don’t have enough manpower to handle complex, international support. IfThe Tavernturns out to be a success, it’s going to be translated to as many languages as we can handle.

Q: What about platforms other than Windows?

A: If the game turns out to be a success, there is a good chance it will be released on Linux, Mac and Android/iOS. We don’t have manpower to do it right now.

Q: Is Wiatyk (the tabletop RPG The Tavern is based on) going to be released in English?

A: Probably not. The book is not very long, but translating and publishing it would be extremely difficult and probably wouldn’t interest many people anyway.

Q: I like the game’s idea, but did you have to use RPG Maker engine? : (

A: Baka! ; )
But, honestly, RPG Maker is a great tool if you need to make a low-budget game without intense action scenes.

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